Frequently Asked Question :-

Q :What is the Best Selling category all about?



Ans:These are the best selling and most popular items atpresent on our website.

Q :Will the pricereduce over a period of time for these best selling items?



 Ans:Normally we donot reduce the prices for these items unless they are put up on sale.

Q :Are these bestselling because of their designs or their low price? What is so good aboutthem?


Ans:The combination of good designs and low price makes themthe Best Selling on our website. The selection on these items are based on theactual sales data.

Q :I dont knowmuch about Indian fashion, is it a safe bet to pick up something from the BestSelling?


Ans:Yes definitely. These items have been selling well fortheir designs and patterns. And its always advisable to buy something from themost popular range.

Q :Are theselatest designs or not?


Ans:Not necessarily the latest as the selection on these itemsare based on the actual sales data.

Q :I likesomething in the Best Selling, how can I check if it can be Ready to Shipshipped to me?


Ans:Use the drop down menu given on the top of the page andselect the Best Selling for Ready to Ship shipping option for the desiredresult.

Q :I dont have so much time to go through each and every catalog, so is it better to pick up from the best selling items?


Ans:Best Selling category is maintained for those customerswho want to get the quick result for the popular items shown on our site.Rather than going to every category to search products we would suggest if youhave less time then you can instantly pick up items from the Best Selling.

Q :When do you usually update your Best Selling?


Ans:Our Best Selling catalog is updated every Saturday.



Ordering & Tracking

1. How do I know the current status of my order?

Ans. The updates are given for the orders by us at the time of orders getting in process.

2. How do I know that my order has been dispatched?

Ans. We always send an e-mail with all the tracking details, so that the customers can track their shipment on their own.

3. Can I add maximum number of items in the cart?

Ans.Yes, you can do so.

4. Do you send some sale alerts to your customers?

Ans.Yes, we send sale alerts weekly to our customers.

5. What about if I have made more than one order for the same item, do you cancel another order for which I don’t want to process?

Ans. We will process with that order only for which you have confirmed the payment,rest of orders will be treated as cancelled order for which you will not confirmed the payment.

6. How I know that I have made the order on your website?

Ans.After placing the order you will get order confirmation email with order id, by this way you can trace out that you have made the order on our website?

7. Can I change with my existing order and if yes how?


Ans. You can make thechange in order within 24 hours by contacting us via Mail or  By Phone, in such case below conditions will beapply- Item should not be from in stock section.


8. If I want to change the item in order and there is any price variation then how you will adjust the price?


Ans. If price is excess then existing amount than we will send you payment link for the same OR if price is lower than existing amount then we will refund for that particular order amount.


9. How do I check the status of my order?

Ans. You can check the status of your order by following steps:

         Log on to your account by signing in.


10. How will I know if order is placed successfully?

Ans. You will receive an email confirmation from Vinhem Fashion once your order is successfully placed.This mail will have all the details related to your order




1. What is transit time?

Ans. It is the Transportation time for the products to reach the destination, once they are dispatched from our warehouse.

2. What will be the shipping charges for the orders?

Ans. We offer Free Shipping in India only. We don’t provide Worldwide Shipping

3. Can I ship my order to multiple addresses?

Ans. Yes, you can place the order at multiple addresses.

4. What about if my address belongs to flung far area? 


Ans. In such case transit time may be changed then standard transit time which is 15 to 20 days.         


5. What is the estimated delivery time?

Ans.usually, we are working hard to ship the order on the same day. Generally it will takes 15 to 20 business days to reach your destination (Business days exclude Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays).Due to bad weather conditions or social disturbances, delivery time by our logistics partner may vary. We will keep you informed about the same.              


Payment :

1. Do I pay extra charges for blouse lining?

Ans.No extra charges are taken for lining.

2. Should I give my complete address or only P.O.Box number?

Ans.You should give your complete physical address as Courier Company does notaccept the parcel with only P.O.Box number.

3. Will any other information or document required after payment?

Ans. Yes, manual authorization will require in certain chances.

The documents can be required as follows: - 

(A) The customer’s credit card statement, which clearly shows the card number and the billing address of the card. The statement should be a recent one and should be of the same credit card used for the transaction. We only require a scan/fax of the header section of your customer’s credit card statement, which contains this information. 

(B) A photo ID of the credit cardholder whose credit card has been used for this transaction. This may be anyone of the following: -

• Driver’s License or, 
• Social Security Card or, 
• Passport or National Identity Card or,
• PAN Card / Voters Card. 

Please note that you have a maximum of 5 days from the date of the order to,comply or else the CCAvenue Risk Management Team will automatically cancel thisorder.
Please forward the Email: or Fax: +91 2267425542/ 26480772 to enable us to process the "Manual Authorization". On successful processing, we will notify you and change the order status in your Login account.

4. What about if I have extra large size,should I pay for extra payment?

Ans. Yes, you should pay for extra large size, charges will be fixed on product’s price and measurement given by you. Normally we provide the lehenga with chest size 40 inches, waist size 38 inches and hips size 42 inches. For sherwani extra charges will be applicable after size 44.

5. Will the price reduce over a period oftime for these newly arrived items?

Ans.Normally we do not reduce the prices for these items unless they are put up onsale.


6. If Idon’t have credit card how can I make payment any other mode of payment to be done? 


Ans. Yes, you canmake the payment through bank transfer but there will be shopping limit forthese payment modes as mention below –


  Bank Transfer – Your shopping amount must be more than 10000 INR. No shopping limit for India’s Customers.


7. If Ihave made the bank transfer, how you will locate the order amount with your accounts department?


Ans. You should send scanned copy of bank transfer in mail,so that we can locate your order amount with our accounts department.


8. What about if I made the payment twice for any order, then what the options are available for me?


Ans.  If we receive payment twice for any order then we will charge only for one.


9. Difference between Release and Refund?


Ans. If in any case we have to return your order amount and we have not charged your account, in such case we will release the order amount to your account and you will not get any debit or credit entry with your credit card statement. 
If we have charged your account and then we have to refund for order amount, insuch case it will call refund and you will get the credit or debit entry withyour credit card statement.


10.What about if you have made the refund for part payment, can I get second time refund?


Ans. We can make refund only one time for an order, if we have refunded part payment for your order amount, in such case we will not be able to make refund in second time.


11.What are the various payment options available on your site?

Ans.We provide the following modes for a payment.

- CCAvenue / Paypal
- Credit Card & Debit Card
- Bank Transfer

Return / Modify / Cancel

1. I do not need stitching in the lehenga. Do you still take 21days to ship the order?

Ans. It depends on the availability of product. If the product is in stock thenyour order can be shipped within 7-12 days.

2. Can I return a sold item?

Ans. No, sold items cannot be returned, until and unless it’s damaged orwrongly delivered.

3. Can I submit the measurements later after completing the order process?

Ans. Yes, you can submit your measurements later after completing orderprocess. 

4. How will I send you my measurement?

Ans. We will send you a measurement form to fill your details, after you confirm your order with us.

5. Cancellation of Order? 

Ans., reserves the right to cancel any order suspecting fraud. 

6. Can I get Patiala Salwar / Trouser / Dhoti instead of Churidar Pyjama with Sherwani?

Ans. Yes, you can get Patiala / Salwar / Dhoti / Churidar Salwar with Sherwani, in such case there will be extra charges for Patiala Salwar / Dhoti. 

7. If I obtain Patiala Salwar/Trouser/Dhoti instead of churidar then should I provide sherwani length according to that?

Ans. Yes, in such case sherwani length will be shorter than the actual length.

8. Are the matching jewelries and accessories shown in the picture included in the price of the lehenga?

Ans. No, it is for display purposes only. 

9. Can I get the matching jewelry with the ordered items?

Ans. Yes, you can choose the jewelry from our jewelry section.


10. Will I get all the accessories which are mentioned on model with sherwani? 

Ans. All the accessories are for modeling purpose however we will providematching stole and mojari on extra cost. Price for matching stole and mojari ismentioned with every item on our website.

11. Difference between order confirmation email & payment confirmation email? 

Ans. Order confirmation email is proof of order that you have made the order on our portal, it doesn’t mean that you have made the order successfully with payment as payment confirmation email is different thing and you will get it after payment by ccavenue.


12. Can I modify my order after placing it?

Ans. We understand that in cases, you may want to alter the ordered size or colour option of a product in your placed order you can change the order within 24hrs. By contacting us via Email.


Products / Stitching

1. What is Fall & Edging?

Ans. Edging of sarees gives a smooth end to the saree. The fall is used for a saree because Saree is made of various fabrics. Lots of cloth is used while making a saree, approx 6 meters cloth. So when we wear a saree then the saree tends to fall downwards and creates a problem in walking. So keep the saree stiff at the edges so that it doesn’t entangle while walking a fall is stitched at the end. Fall keeps a saree stiff.

2. What is a Ready to Wear Saree(Pre-Stitched Saree)?

Ans. Pre-stitched sarees makes saree wearing a one step easy process. These sarees are draped in such a way, just like putting on a skirt. It’s a skirt with stitched saree pleats at the centre worn over a petticoat without the fuss of tucking, pleating, and adjusting the pallau length as they are already setin the centre to make you feel more comfortable and easy in wearing it.Petticoat is stitched with saree. This easy to wear, pre-stitched saree can beworn by anybody without the bother of actually draping it.

It comprises of pre-stitched pleats and the wearer just needs to wear it like askirt and drape the loose end of the outfit over the shoulder. The blousehowever is worn separately and part of the pre-stitched saree. These sarees arebest suited for people who have no knowledge of draping this outfit which couldinclude foreigners or Anglo-Indians settled abroad, working ladies who preferto wear a sari to work but face time constraints or any woman who is influencedby Indian fashion. 

Pre-stitched pleats are becoming very popular as they are easy to drape, thepleats are even and there is no excess fabric tucked into the underskirttherefore making the silhouette of the wearer slimmer and more sophisticated.

3. Do I get the long sleeves in blouses?

Ans. No, because every blouse material is of 85cms so it can’t possible to make long sleeves. Still for rare possibilities you can always inquiry us for the same by emailing us.

4. Can you increase the blouse length by customer demand?

Ans. No, it is not possible for us because of designer worked (embroidered) patterns blouse length can’t be increased.

5. Do you custom stitch sherwani?

Ans. Yes. We stitch sherwani for each of our customers to give him best fitting.

6. What if I have purchased 2 or more sherwanis? How do I fill different measurement form? 

Ans. You will get measurement form for every ordered item. Enter the name ofthe Person, Product Code and his complete Measurement by using that form.Please don’t forget to mention the Order Number with each Submission.

7. How to take measurement correctly?

Ans. The best way to measure yourself for your sherwani is to take help of any local tailor. Get a print out of our sherwani measurement form and then take it to your tailor and ask him to fill the form by taking your measurement simultaneously.

8. Will embroidery come on all around the blouse of saree and lehenga?

Ans. No, all the blouse will come with one sided embroidery and on sleeves aswell besides designer choli. It’s depend on your choice that where you want to keep that embroidered part - on front or on back. You can mention such instruction about the embroidered part in measurement form as there will be option for the same. 

9. I liked one item, for how long it is expected to be in stock?

Ans. There is no fixture as such for the items in stock, first come first serve is the policy. So a recommendation will be to place an order for the express shipping items at the earliest, since these items are ready in stock. Some time we create them in limited edition so that you can purchase & can be shipped within 7 days.

10. How featured Items sections differ from New Arrivals section?

Ans. Our Featured Collection comprises of the Comfortable Beautiful and Attractive New Designs, which makes it different from New Arrivals section. The New Arrivals section contains all Latest designs and products added in last 15days.

11. Is lining done underneath the lehenga choli?

Ans. Yes, lining is done underneath the lehenga choli.

12. What fabrics do you use for lining of lehenga?

Ans. We use Satin fabric for net lehenga cholis and for the other lehengas,Cotton lining is used.

13. Will I get picko done for the dupatta?

Ans. Yes, picko is included and no extra charges required.

14. Is lining done underneath the kameej / shirt?

Ans. Generally, the kameez comes with a lining. It is done as per the desire of the customer. No extra charges involved for the same.


15.What fabrics do you use for lining of salwar kameej?

Ans. Cotton fabric is used for lining of salwar kameez.

16. Can I get different styles of necklines, sleeves or salwar stitched?

Ans. Yes, you can choose any style for necklines, sleeves or salwar for all unstitched items. But for readymade items, this isn’t a possibility.

17. Should we provide exact body measurement or ready garment’s measurement?

Ans. For stiching give exact measurement of your body. Don’t provide margin with measurement as our designer will keep margin while stiching. Please provide us with your exact measurements in inches or centimeters. Do not add to your actual measurements. We will make the correct allowances for fabric shrinkage and for your comfort.


18.What do you do if I get Delay in sending my measurement?


Ans. If you don’t send your measurement within 30 days then we will ship your item unstitched.And for that we are not responsible. So you have to submit your measurement on time within a Month.


You can also email us directly at to immediately get the best possible solutions and information.



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